In 1991, our company started its activity as a trader of upholstery fabrics and, generally speaking, within the textile industry under the company name „Yücel Mensucat San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.“, or „Yücel Textiles – Production and Trading Ltd”. After only a short while, it became able to produce those products it was selling before, now within its own facilities, always foregrounding customer satisfaction and never cutting back on quality. In 2003, „Yücel Textiles Ltd” started with the production of upholstery fabrics at its 15,000 square metres covered facilities located within Bursa Demirtaş Organize Sanayi, the Demirtaş Industrial Zone in Bursa, where it achieved a monthly production capacity of 500,000 meters of velvet and jacquard fabric. Our plant is equipped with 78 and 11 state-of-the-art and velvet looms, respectively, using Italian, French and Belgian technology. Furthermore, we are continuing investing in new facilities. While we continuously are keeping ourselves informed on all innovations made, our company’s development is provided by means of its endeavours on becoming present worldwide, and it is continuing on this way with the same – and today even increased – understanding. With our dazzling array of product patterns and qualities we are addressing all regions. By increasing our production capacity from day to day and thus due to the labour generated by us, we are contributing to an important extent to the Turkish economy. On the one hand, we are exporting most of our products, and on the other hand, we are rendering service in Turkey by means of our five sales stores being located in Bursa, Inegöl and Ankara, respectively, „Yücel Mensucat Masko Ltd. Şti.”, or „Yücel Textiles Masko Ltd”, having its head-office in İkitelli, Istanbul (our Bayrampaşa branch), and „Yücel Mensucat Istanbul Modoko Ltd. Şti.”, or „Yücel Mensucat Istanbul Modoko Ltd”, our subsidiaries, as well as of our dealers being spread over whole Turkey.

In order to become able to become a leading company within our branch of industry with our VALLINI brand, we are aiming at keeping ourselves informed on all innovations made – and on applying them. Among others, we pursue the aim of steering our branch of industry by means of our R&D studies, and of making innovations by distinguishing ourselves through our high-quality designs. Maintaining our quality and our standards as well as keeping with our customers’ wishes rank among our most important working principles.

Our vision is to become a company that is able to anticipate future trends, and that increases its activity and develops its potential by means of making all necessary investments according to the needs of the branch of industry it is busy in, in due time and in an appropriate way, to generate more resources for our country by means of being ahead of our competitors on the global platform, providing products with a high value as to the added value compared to their original value, and, using all our investments and productions, to launch products, which always will be the most advantageous and the most consistent ones for our customers.